Organizational Transformation

Leadership & Support for organizational transformation.


Leadership & support for organizational transformation

  • General information: Often improvement and transformation programs with Lean Six Sigma fail because the people and teams undertaking their implementation do not have the necessary experience, do not know the strategies, tactics and management actions that they have to implement over time.
  • Contents: The members of the team that takes over the leadership and management of the organizational transformation are informed and trained experientially in their very specific responsibilities. They are trained with the appropriate abilities and skills and are guided in their implementation. They are provided with everything they need for the success of their project.
  • Duration (hours): 16 (theoretical education for certification), 48 (experiential training with application in improvement projects).
  • Participants: Members of the department of Organizational Transformation, and representatives from the departments of Personnel, Finance and Informatics.

Required preparation: for the proper utilization of time 1-2 days of preparation are required (program organization, identification of participants, roles).

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