Agile Management and Supervision of Technical Projects (Agile, Lean, BIM)

Description: The purpose of Changeland services is the flexible, simple and effective coordination of all departments of a technical company (procurement, bidding, costing, certification of materials, issuance of documents, project management & direction, construction) and the respective contractors. The goal is:

  • reducing errors, construction time and costs
  • the adaptation to the studies and the changing needs of the client,
  • flexibility and adaptability to changes by suppliers and contractors during construction, and
  • the financial and time coordination and monitoring of the project.

The above is achieved with the appropriate guidance and training from our experienced consultants to the project workgroups, with the application of Agile, Lean, BIM methodologies and the corresponding Industry 4.0 software tools.

Changeland experts do not work in theory, they are members of the project team, they systematically collaborate, guide, advise, train experientially and coordinate the team members for the successful completion of the project.

Aimed at: All construction companies that undertake public and private projects, and want to optimize the construction process, reduce construction costs and time, without negotiating the quality and requirements of the developer.

Duration: From the beginning of the construction of the project until its delivery.

Cost: The detailed content, program, software licenses & prices are adapted to the needs of each company by mutual agreement. Certificate of attendance included.

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