Our services and projects always bring to our customers
+ 30% in profit and quality, -30% in cost and time.
Try us on a pilot project with a specific goal and project team.
We are COVID-free!
We provide 24/7 monitoring / coordination of projects from a distance.

Business Consulting, Training & Coaching
(Agile, Lean, Six Sigma)
Consulting, Training & Coaching of Technical projects
(Lean, BIM)




The most important thing in the Changeland method is the application in real conditions. 

We do not provide theoretical counselling or academic training. We adapt our services to the needs and budget of each company. 

Our goal: to immediately produce high added value.


together the improvement goals


together the improvement projects

We Train

project teams with practical application in their projects

We Supervise

and help project teams

We Certify

the acquisition of knowledge with the practical business result

10 %

The method we use

Changeland applies in projects the methodologies Agile, Lean, Six Sigma and BIM, together with specialized know-how and software, in order to:

  • eliminate actions that do not add value 
  • reduce costs and cycle time 
  • increase productivity and quality 
  • identify & eliminate any cause of defects.

What are the Agile, Lean, Six Sigma, BIM Methodologies?

Business Agile allows businesses to be more adaptable, creative and resilient. To adapt quickly to market changes, to respond flexibly to customer requirements, to drive change in a productive, quality and cost-effective way while maintaining a competitive advantage. 

Lean helps companies and teams maximize benefits by eliminating non value-added activities, increasing speed and quality. 

Six Sigma helps to continuously improve processes. It is a set of strategies and tools for eliminating defects – errors, reducing costs and cycle time. 

Building Information Modeling (BIM) brings the field of construction and production to Industry 4.0. A ‘smart process’ based on 3D models, giving architecture, engineering and construction professionals the tools for more efficient design, planning, construction and management of buildings and infrastructure. It introduces new dimensions in construction and production such as 4D (time), 5D (cost), 6D (energy analysis) and 7D (building management). Enables ISO 19650 certification.

Our Services

Business & Process Improvement with Agile, Lean, Six Sigma, BIM

Implementation Guidance, Training, Practical Application, Certification

Leaders and Staff development

Special Leadership and Management Skills

Management & Guidance

of project teams

Agile service delivery options

At Changeland, based on our many years of experience, we have created different service delivery options to meet the needs of every business and professional in the most efficient way. 

In-house service delivery at your offices

We create an environment of Learning, Development & Continuous Improvement through structured teamwork. Under the guidance of Changeland’s experts, the participants develop skills in change management, continuous improvement, collaboration, and teamwork while working on strategic business projects. The content, program, and prices are tailored to your needs. 

Interactive web-based service delivery

Using Industry 4.0 collaboration tools we create a structured online environment of tele-working, learning, development & continuous improvement. Under the guidance of Changeland’s experts, the participants collaborate in real time without being at the same place (COVID-free!). The level of participation and the results achieved are amazing! 

Open Seminar

Οpen to the public τraining
and coaching seminars  
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