Agile Construction Design Management (Agile, Lean, BIM)

Changeland facilitates smooth transition to Construction 4.0


Why Construction 4.0? The construction industry has generally been labelled as rigid and slow in its response to change.

The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) presents another moment of change in the global business arena and is dynamically influencing different organisations and their strategic positioning. The myriad potential changes in the construction industry lead to high ambiguity and make it impossible to predict what lies ahead. However, with scenario planning, involved stakeholders can prepare for a variety of possible futures.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution heralds a series of social, political, cultural, and economic upheavals that will unfold over the 21st century. Availability of digital technologies that were the result of the Third Industrial, or Digital, Revolution, the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa still remains very blurred to many African countries, yet regardless of its drive towards transformation it will have a major impact on the construction sector with numerous total change across many construction sectors and aspects of labour.

There are in existing 100+ BIM standards and guidelines from 15+ countries and existing ISO standards including ISO 19650 for BIM project, ISO 21579 for COBie, ISO 16739 or IFC and ISO 55000 for asset management. To apply these principles and protocls the team must understand BIM Execution Plan and its full deliverable as a living document. The management of the Common Data Environment is a collaborative effort and must not be passed doen on to a document controller, it’s the team’s and clients’ full responsibility to establish the storage, sharing, disseminating and archiving of all project information as one source of truth. Finally, all information at some point must be shared and published while understadning the needs of other professionals on projects while still applying our technological skills.

The purpose of Changeland’s services is the reduction of errors, time and cost of creating studies perfectly tailored to the needs of the client, flexibility in changes and adjustments during construction implementation in collaboration with the construction team, and the coordination and monitoring of the project. The above is achieved with the appropriate guidance and training from our experienced consultants to the project workgroups, with the application of Agile, Lean, BIM methodologies and the corresponding Industry software tools. Changeland experts do not work in theory, they are members of the project team, they systematically collaborate, guide, advise, train experientially and coordinate the team members for the successful completion of the project.

Duration: From the preliminary design of the project to the implementation study and the delivery of the project.

Aimed at: All design companies involved in public and private projects that want to optimize the design process, and reduce study costs in terms of adapting to ever-evolving quality and cost standards.

Cost: The detailed content, program, software licenses & prices are adapted to the needs of each company by mutual agreement. Certificate of attendance included.

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