Agile Servant Leader

Leader: master or servant?

  • Contents: Recent research shows that the “participatory leadership model” has better results than the “well-intentioned authoritarian” and the “authoritarian managerial leadership model”. In addition, the “servant leadership” model proves to be clearly better and leads to higher performance than the “controlling authoritarian model“. The aim of the workshop is through the narrative analysis of hagiographic cuts related to Viticulture, to highlight leadership standards, to compare them with the corresponding modern scientific leadership standards, and to evaluate the possibility of their practical application in today’s ever changing business environment. In this study, the qualitative research method (literature review of modern scientific and ancient leadership models) was combined in a “pioneering” way, with the historical-critical method (analysis of parables of the New Testament related to Viticulture, which is related to Leadership). Specific and comprehensive Principles and Skills of Leadership emerged, which were tested in case study applications in companies such as Shell, Microsoft, and others in different industries, in Greece and abroad. The results from the case studies and the comparison of modern scientific leadership models with the leadership models in the Evangelical Tradition show that the “messages” of the vineyard parables are timely, instructive, easy to understand, effective and practical by business leaders in today’s “Knowledge based Economy”. Furthermore, they can be used as a guide for preparing supervisors – leaders, and for updating leadership training programs.
  • Aimed at: Professionals and business executives of middle, senior and top rank, production or services staff (Foremen, Heads of production, maintenance, production managers & engineers, logistics and quality assurance, Technical Managers, and Directors).
  • Duration (hours): 24

Cost: The detailed contents of the training program and its prices are adjusted to the needs of each company by common agreement. Included is a certificate of attendance.

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