Agile Enterprise

We first focus on identifying the dilemmas that concern the leadership team at the corporate, group, personal levels. A personal and group introspection is performed to determine what makes us “out of control”, sad, happy. We proceed to the collective analysis of the causes for these dilemmas.

Based on the causes, the management and leadership processes are reviewed and redesigned, which among other things include the methods of meetings, decision-making methods, procedures for correcting incorrect texts and continuous improvement and development (individual and corporate) are reviewed and restructured.

We proceed to the definition of the common Corporate Culture in terms of values, principles and attitudes, and to the evaluation of the Human Capital of the Group company .

Based on culture, strategy, and human capital, roles, and responsibilities for the company, the group are reviewed and restructured.

The organizational structure of each company and group is adapted based on the objectives (individual and corporate), the description of the roles, and the available human resources.

We agree on a plan of action at the corporate, group levels. We identify the individual improvement actions (what to start/stop/continue to do) at the Organizational level (company, group). We monitor its implementation with constant adjustments where and when needed.

Duration: As long as it takes to fully achieve the corporate, individual goals.

Aimed at: All companies and leaders who want to optimize the leadership and management process of their company.

Cost: The detailed content, program, software licenses & prices are adapted to the needs of each company by mutual agreement. Certificate of attendance included.


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