Agile Insurance Company (Insurance 4.0)


Description: The purpose of Changeland services is

  1. Business Agility Transformation – leading organizations beyond the Agile teams/projects – to align business with the agile mindset, lean-startup thinking: small, rapid experimentation, and continuous improvements. This has major impacts in an unstable financial environment.
  2. IFRS17 – The Agile Way – a common knowledge that this high-risk project must be carried out in an Agile way: quarterly working systems, with fast focus on value for the main business. We have a team with a proven track record, who is familiar with the common insurance technologies and brings along our own know-how.
  3. Technological-Agile – Digital Transformation using Low-Code/Appian: Appian is a leading low-code / rapid design-thinking provider. As their representative, we have multiple applications that allow for rapid design and deployment of new Business Processes, transforming these processes to any Digital Channel. We have specific packages for the Insurance domain.

The above is achieved with the appropriate guidance and training from our experienced consultants to the project working groups, with the application of Agile, Lean, BIM methodologies and the corresponding Insurance 4.0 software tools.

Changeland experts do not provide theoretical counselling, they are members of the project design team or the Investor’s Technical Team. They systematically collaborate, guide, advise, train experientially and coordinate team members for the successful completion of the project.

Aimed at:

  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Investors / Owners of technical-construction projects as their advisor

Duration: From the preliminary design of the project to the implementation and the delivery of the project.

Cost: The detailed content, program, software licenses & prices are adapted to the needs of each company by mutual agreement. Certificate of attendance included.


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