Tecnológico de Monterrey

The problem this organization faces was related to overloading the information resulting from customer reviews. Consultants were invited to work with one of the Latin American factories (Customer Satisfaction Department / Quality Assurance Department) and to develop mechanisms for the effective management of customers that generate information and experience and the company’s innovation.

The goal was to translate customer data into a source for improving the company’s products and services. Initially, K & IC consultants together with the organizational representatives designed the “Information Flow Model” – a model that expresses the relationship between the concepts for those customers and the quality of products and services provided by the company.

Based on this model, the team designed and implemented a system that classifies and evaluates customer feedback. This system was considered part of the experience management system, helping the company to respond effectively and efficiently to problem posts.

Finally, the team linked the model and system to the company’s overall innovation process, helping to anticipate customer needs for future product and service development.

Following the successful regional implementation, the project outcome was presented to other organizational units at a corporate office meeting in the US and adopted by the team as best practice in developing products related to customer satisfaction.

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