Kotronis Packaging – Training Program implementation with Agile Lean Six Sigma methodology

Kotronis Packaging, in the middle of COVID-19, with telework, implemented a program of Executive Training and Continuous Development with the methodology Agile Lean Six Sigma.

With the help of Changeland, White and Yellow Belt Online Training was completed.

The Yellow Zone Level Experiential Training started in October 2020, and included the implementation of strategic quality improvement projects and procedures. 22 executives from different parts of the company participated, divided into 2 groups. Members of each group participated in a four-hour online workshop every two weeks.

They learned the use of Lean Six Sigma methods and tools, applied them in an Agile way to the company’s process improvement projects (2-3 people per project), presented their progress and received guidance from Changeland.

The project was designed in this flexible format based on the needs of the company and the availability of executives, and was completed in June 2021 with the presentation of the excellent results of the improvement projects in the leadership of Kotronis Packaging and the certification examination.

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