Lean System

Lean System (5S & 7W)

  • General information: The course covers the training requirements in order for the participants to understand the philosophy, capabilities and benefits of adopting the methodology 5S+. Presents the first step for the implementation of LEAN Management Program 5S+ according to which each “waste” or “loss” must be nullified. The 5S+ system is the cornerstone of any continuous improvement or total quality program, with virtually zero implementation cost. Participants through many examples, extensive use of multimedia, exercises, and case studies of companies that have implemented 5S+ will be able to design and implement a 5S+ program by themselves.
  • Contents: Philosophy and opportunities of the 5S+ methodology. Benefits of implementing 5S + (improving workflow, reducing operating losses, measurably better utilization of space & resources, improve safety, occupational health, product safety and hygiene, measurable contribution to the continuous improvement of the organization). Design, implementation and application of the 5S+ Program.
  • Duration (hours): 16 (theoretical education for certification), 48 (experiential training with application in improvement projects).
  • Aimed at: Professionals and business executives of middle, senior and top rank, production or services staff (Foremen, Heads of production, maintenance, production managers & engineers, logistics and quality assurance, Technical Managers, and Directors).

Cost: The detailed contents of the training program and its prices are adjusted to the needs of each company by common agreement. Included is certificate of attendance

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