Draw Tite International

Draw Tite International

Electrical Appliances

Draw Tite is one of the factories of Draw Tite international whose corporate headquarters are located in Canton, Michigan, USA. Tite / AMMEX is located in the city of Reinosa, state of Tamaolipas, on the Mexican-US border. It is a small factory of 60 workers that develops electrical appliances for the automotive industry. The average age of the employees was 22 years old and the educational level was primary and secondary education. The organizational structure was highly hierarchical and there was no quality management system in place.

The General Manager of the factory, as a first step towards ISO certification, called on the staff to facilitate (i) the change to a participatory culture, (ii) the standardization of procedures, and (iii) the design of personalized training systems for employees. . Changeland played an important role in deliverin by successfully doing the above ahead of schedule and with very positive results.

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