MOUSTAKAS & Co, General Partnership

Moustakas & Co,General Partnership

  • Place: Nea Ionia
  • Sector: Design, Import and Trade of ready-made clothes
  • Business Issue:
    • Long stay of stocks in the company’s warehouse
    • Increased storage costs
    • Loss of revenue due to aging of goods
  • Solution:
    • Process design for efficient inventory management
    • Reduction of the average quantity and the average stay time of the goods in the company’s warehouses
    • Design and implementation of a warehouse management information system
    • Research and implementation of actions for the proper promotion of goods to customers
  • Results:
    • More efficient supply chain management
    • Revenue increase Dec. – Jan. ’06 by 36% compared to the corresponding period of ‘05
  • Application of Methods 6σ & ORDIC:
    • Analysis of the current situation
    • Identifying “pain” points in business processes
    • Analysis of correlation between business data and processes with business results
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